Sales Tracking

Inside of WebinarFuel you are able to configure offer CTAs that popup during your webinar at specific times that lead a potential new customer to your sales page or checkout page to buy.  

This sale happens outside of our platform and this help document will explore ways to let us know this sale has happened so you can track some awesome stats like revenue per visitor, average order value, and more.

In addition to the awesome funnel stats above you can also get sales information at a very granular level: video, registrant, offer, session, source, device, and so on.

As of right now WebinarFuel uses some cookie magic to track sales, but with more and more browsers getting rid of third party pixels they have become unreliable so we have also implemented some advance tracking methods explained below that would ensure sales tracking is the most accurate.

Sales Tracking Using the Embed Code

First lets get the tracking code.  Once you have created a webinar and setup your offers you can quickly grab your tracking codes inside of webinar settings. 

Customizing the sales tracking code. When you paste the tracking code you will notice it has three variables you can customize: the order ID, the amount of the sale that WebinarFuel should attribute, and the email address of the customer as a backup match

!function(e,t,n,c,s,f,w){e._wf_sales=e._wf_sales||function(){(e._wf_sales.q=e._wf_sales.q||[]).push(arguments)}, e._wf_sales.l=1*new Date, t.getElementById("wf_sales_script")||(f=t.createElement("script"), w=t.getElementsByTagName("script")[0], f.async=1, f.src="","wf_sales_script", w.parentNode.insertBefore(f,w))}(window,document);

_wf_sales("track", {
  webinarCid: 'bgrsGmUSBdJNAtfmarrrj6B3',
  offerId: '58',
  orderId: '{{ORDER_ID}}',
  amount: '{{AMOUNT}}',
  email: '{{EMAIL}}'

The last step to completing your setup is to paste this code on your order form thank you page. That means the page someone lands on AFTER they purchase your product needs to have this code placed in the header.

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