Getting Started with Notifications

Notification Events

Lead - This is someone who registers for your webinar, but only gives their email address. They have not actually registered for a time and date for your event. This is only possible if you use at least a 2 step registration whereby you are asking for the email address on a step prior to the one asking the user to select a date and time for their webinar. The messages here would be to have people "complete" their registration.

Invited - Since Webinar Fuel lets you store data and registrants you are able to "invite" people from your database to any specific event. These messages located in this area would be "invitation" style messages to invite people to attend and register for the webinar.

Registered - These are people who have just registered for your event. The messages here are usually confirmation messages letting people know they have successfully saved their seat for the webinar.

Reminders - These are reminder messages that go out to everyone who's registered for your webinar at time intervals prior to the webinar starting.

Starting Now - These are messages that go out to people right when their webinar event is starting.

Attended (Non Buyer) - These messages will be sent to anyone who attends the webinar, but does not purchase your offer. Remember you will need to setup "sales tracking" in order for this to be an effective notification for your event. 

Missed Webinar - These are messages sent to the people who missed your webinar completely.

Purchased - These are messages you can send to anyone who purchases your offer from the webinar. Remember you will need to setup sales tracking in order for this to work properly.

Here's a video on how to edit the email notifications.

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